Best Money Transfer Apps In India

We all know that the 21st century is a century of internet and using Money Transfer Apps. All the people are well connected with the internet and mobile and if you have both these things, then you can do more than half of your work sitting at home very easily 

 If we talk about India, India is also not untouched by this. The Internet revolution has come in India today and programs like Digital India are being encouraged.

 In India, more than 60 percent of people are under 35 years of age, and almost all people are well connected to the Internet and that is why India is moving towards Digital India.

Online payment has contributed a lot in advancing Digital India. Almost half of India’s population is doing digital transactions with the help of the best online payment apps. It is also the continuous effort of the Government of India to make the entire system cashless.

Due to online payment, more than half of our work is done easily by sitting at home. Now the chain of long queues in front of the banks is over and India is moving forward. Through this post, we will tell you about some of the best online payment apps. All the apps we have talked about here are 100 percent reliable and secure.


best money transfer apps in india
best money transfer apps in India


Why do we need online money transfer apps?

If you are also asking this question in your mind that what is the need for online payment, then we have given some authentic reasons below. There is a fear in many people whether online money transfer is safe or not. So we have got some answer for you;

Saving time and effort:  

The most beneficial thing that online payment has given us is the saving of time. Apart from saving time, online payment also saves our hard work and we are able to do more work in less time.

Today’s smartphones have made this task even easier. Due to smartphones, we pay any payment or bill more quickly in less time. Through smartphones, we can make any purchase sitting at home, whether it is a credit card or debit or cash on delivery.

Cashback and EMI facility

Sometimes by shopping online through these money transfer apps gives a discount after purchase. Customers also get the benefit of cashback after payment by card in online payment.

Apart from this, there is a facility to pay the purchased goods in installments through an online payment.

Reduction in expenses

It has also become extremely important for online payment merchants. Nowadays every businessman promotes his profession online and motivates customers to shop online. For this, he/she gives them attractive gifts or more discounts.

But this is possible only when there is an arrangement of online payment on its site. This not only increases the credibility of his/her company or shop but also reduces the expenses.

Reduced risk of theft or missing

 Online payment has also reduced the risk of looting or losing money. If you want to pay someone, now you do not need to carry your wallet or money. Online payment can be made using the Internet at home.

Using these money transfer apps, now you can do the desired shopping at home through the e-commerce website. Not only this, if you do not like the goods, there is also an option to return it online. The money is automatically returned to your account after a few days.


Best online payment apps in India

Google Pay(G-pay)

Google Pay is a digital payment app based on UPI. This is similar to other apps like Bhim, Paytm, and Phonepe. In this app also you need to link your Bank Account with Google Pay and by using it, you can make payment anywhere safely.

 In simple words, we can also call Google Pay as E-wallets, and this is an application that you can use for online money transactions. It is a Digital Payment Service. It provides many services such as online shopping, money transfer, mobile / DTH recharge, electricity bill, gas bill.

 Features in this app are similar to Bhim, Paytm, and other digital payment apps. But an additional feature “Tap For Cash Mode” in Google Pay makes it special through which you can send and receive money to anyone without revealing your identity. You will get this extra feature on the Home Screen as soon as you open Google Pay App. 

 Another special feature of Google Pay App is that if you send money to someone or use the offer offered by this app, then you are given cashback and Reward like if you send Rs 500 or more to someone. So you can get a chance to win up to 1 lakh rupees, similarly, different offers and rewards are given in Google Pay App.


PhonePe is an application based on UPI, launched by popular e-commerce company Flipkart. After Demonetisation in the year 2016, PhonePe proved to be the best online Transaction App for Indian users.

PhonePe is an Indian e-commerce payment system and wallet, discovered in December 2015. So if you have not used the PhonePe application yet then download it from Playstore or Appstore.

 You can shop online and offline using this app along with many other functions like DTH Recharge, Mobile Recharge, and Online Payment of Electricity Bill. Currently.

 PhonePe is being accepted by more than 5 million merchants across the country. So you can use the PhonePe app for convenience in many things like Food Ordering, Bus-Flight Ticket Booking, Movie Ticket, etc.

Key Features related to PhonePe
  • High Transaction Limit (1 lakh limit in 1 day and 30 lakh limit in a whole month)
  • No top-up required (no need to add money to your wallet)
  • Lifetime FEE (for all transactions, including bank withdrawals)
  • It only needs the mobile number of the recipient (for the bank account transfer, no IFSC code, and no bank account number)
  • As secure as ATM (only you need to enter your MPIN, just like your ATM pin)


Paytm is a digital wallet service that can be used through both mobile apps and websites. Smartphone users can download the app in their mobile from Playstore or Appstore. It is an e-commerce shopping website, founded by Vijay Shekhar Sharma and it was started in 2010. The company is headquartered in Noida. 

 It provides many payment-related services like online shopping, money transfer, mobile, DTH recharge, electricity bills, gas bills, insurance payments.

Features provided by Paytm: –

  • Online Shopping
  • Mobile DTH Recharge, Data Recharge
  • Broadband Electricity Bill Payment
  • Landline Bill Payment
  • Taxi Service (Uber Taxi)
  • Money Transfer (Mobile to Mobile, Mobile to Bank)
  • Insurance Payment
  • Metro Service
  • Water Bill Payment
  • Entertainment Service (BookMyShow)



The name of the company which made Bhim (BHIM) is National Corporation Payment of India i.e. NCPI. Let us tell you that the full name of BHIM is ‘Bharat Interface for Money’. Bhim app work on UPI (Unified Payment Interface). UPI is a payment system through which you can send or receive money between two bank accounts from your phone.

 Through this app, people can exchange money digitally like Paytm and Freecharge. The most important thing about this app is that it will work even without the internet and there will be no need to repeatedly enter long details like account number and IFSC Code to exchange money.

 In this Bhim app, all you have to do is to register your bank account once and generate a UPI code and after that, your mobile number will be enough to exchange money.

 This app is very useful for promoting digital payments in India. With the help of this, you can send and receive money directly from your bank account to anyone. This app is absolutely safe and reliable for making digital payments.

 Features of BHIM UPI APP

  • There is no need to enter IFSC code always for sending money.
  • The facility to send and receive money from Account Number is available 24 hours a day and 365 days to transfer money instantly. 
  • You can check your bank statement too via this authorized app.
  • Mobile recharge, ticket book, and bills can be paid. 
  • More than one bank account can be linked. 
  • You can also send and receive payments by QR code.


Some benefits of using money transfer app

  • If you use money transfer app, then you won’t be having many problems to transfer money to anyone. You can do it in just a few simple steps at any time.
  • You can transfer money from both international and national banks.
  • You do not need much document or paper to transfer money from the app.
  • Receiving and sending of money is completely free on such apps.
  • If you use the money transfer app, then within it you get many awesome features like DTH recharge, Mobile Recharge, Bill Payment, and many more.
  • If you use these money transfer apps, then inside it you get very good security options. If your mobile is lost or stolen, then you will be able to secure and recover your account completely.
  • Within the money transfer app, you can check your account balance, last transaction, etc.
  • You can use this money transfer app on any android mobile. The above-mentioned app have very good interface you can use it easily.
  • The biggest advantage of this money transfer app is that you do not need to go to the bank, you can do all your payments and transfers from home.


Being cashless is very important in the transaction system of any nation. Today India is becoming cashless swiftly. Online payment apps are considered safe enough to a large extent.



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