Everyone dreams to run there own business, but they are worried about how to get started. So this is the place for you. Today all your doubts are going to get cleared about how to start your business from scratch.

To start any business the first and most important thing which is required is to have a business plan. If you don’t have one, don’t worry by the end of this article I assure you that you will have it with you.

I am a working professional, but I was never been satisfied with the amount in which I am being paid from my job. So one day I sat and thought about what else can I do which will help me to make more money so that I can fulfill my additional wants which I was not able to from my salary.

One day I decided to start a distribution business which I am running successfully today as well and making a good amount of money from there as well.

So why not I thought to share my idea with you all because I know a lot of people out there want to do something which they have an interest in.

I started my stationery business using this method because I wanted to, you can use this formula to start any of your business because this is the mandatory step for any business if you want to run it successfully.

So lets get started to prepare your business plan about HOW TO START YOUR BUSINESS FROM SCRATCH.

Here are the steps to get started :

Plan before you start

#1 Defying your vision.

When you start a business you have a clear goal in mind, you know exactly what you wish to achieve with your business however after some time the clarity of your vision will become blurred. This is the basic step for HOW TO START YOUR BUSINESS FROM SCRATCH.

You’ll forget some of your brilliant ideas writing down your vision for the company will help you to define it and moreover it’ll help your staff identify with the mission all daily activities of the business can then be aligned together with your vision for the business this could be the first step of writing a business plan.

#2 Set your goals and objectives for the business.

Never assume that your goals got to be small to accommodate your limitations think big clearly define your short-term goals.

The ones that you wish to achieve within 12 months mid-term goals that will take between two to three years and long-term goals consider all aspects such as the revenue you wish to generate.

a number of customers you need in your database the target population and age groups as well as the amount of passive income that needs to be generated in future

#3 Define your unique selling proposition.

 what is it about you that is different from the crowd?

Your unique selling point or USP will make you more attractive to potential customers, it could be anything from additional services to personalized customer service you can even offer them better after-sales warranty and support.

While writing a business plan you just need to highlight the extras that your customers are getting from you to make your business stand out.

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#4 Know your target audience

It often happens that you have a brilliant idea but someone else has already started a business with a similar plan this is a very common occurs but you should not let this start – how many petrol stations are there, several businesses can provide the same service and still survive as the market.

Place is huge and it can sustain multiple businesses except for this you ought to know your market just like the back of your hand research and determine what percentage of competitors you have, what services they offer, what are the current and future trends of the industry.

No, the larger picture is there certain benchmarks that can be used to gauge your business performance such as gross turnover profit margins, etc once you know the inner workings of the market you can manipulate them in your favor.

#5 know your customer

Customers are the foremost important part of any business and you ought to know the customers.

your customers have thousands of options for every product, so if you want them to buy your product you should know what your ideal customer wants.

Customers’ actions can make your business successful you’ll specialize in the areas that grab your customer’s interests and stop wasting energy & think about what would make them choose you.


#6 Set your marketing goals

So you have finished the research and define your business vision, the next step in writing a business plan is setting out marketing goals.

These are those, that define how your product would look like what it will cost how you distribute it and the ways in which you can promote it most businesses do.

Plan this don’t neglect the most important areas you should set up measurable marketing goals that will help achieve your primary business objectives questions like the number of products yourself what will be your product development strategy your price margins delivery methods and promotion plan should be duly considered when you ask yourself these questions they will help to find the goals for marketing your business.


#7 define your marketing strategy

Now that you simply have the marketing goals you would like an idea to realize them what percentage products you would like to supply himself and at what margin of profit so on getting your required revenue.

What is going to be your system of delivery and your coverage area what is going to be the strategies to market your business the media that you will use be very specific as these will translate to action and your ultimate success or failure?

#8 Take action

without action all else may be a waste this is often the foremost important a part of writing a business plan you’ll plan all you want but unless you are doing the particular work and convey customers to your storefront.

You will not earn anything albeit you discover that consistent with the business plan your idea isn’t available don’t give up there are thousands of other ideas out there and you can ultimately find one that suits you if you wish to be wealthy healthy and happy there’s a business expecting you to grab your business plan will provide the direction and focus but you’ll get to take the primary step writing a business plan isn’t difficult

If you recognize what you ought to specialize in you now have a thought of what’s important and the way you ought to tackle the task of writing a business plan and you’re now better equipped to start out a successful business start your research today jot all those brilliant ideas set your goals the find a path and do not let anyone stop you now you recognize the way to write a business plan and therefore the manager for fulfillment is In your hands make the simplest of it.



So by now i hope you have an idea of about your interest to which you want to convert it as a business. Trust me it hardly takes 48 hours to plan about starting any business but 80% of the people couldn’t start because they are confused about how to get started.

I just want to say, just start thats it you need to turn your dreams into reality. If in case you want to know more about this there is a comment box below this post. Hit that comment section anything you want to discuss.

So with this said ill take your leave ! Hope to see future businessmen soon.


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Rishabh Shrivastava is a Banker by profession and a tech graduate with a couple of years in Banking and he also holds a good knowledge of investments.

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