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Everyone in today’s time wants to start their business. So today I am here to give you some BUSINESS IDEAS WITH LOW INVESTMENT. Small scale business which requires a tiny amount of money to get started.

The businesses which we are going to discuss are best ideas which have proved their presence in the market and many of them are working succesfully.

The only thing which is required from your end is the idea on which you are going to work on. You need to decide by yourself that what is your area of expertise and you are best at, then only you will get success.


Most of you people wants to start their own business but they do not start maybe because of these two major reasons.

  • Idea: About what you want to start
  • Money: Money is the second major reason for anybody failing to start their business.

I have one line definition that a business can only be started as a passion of doing something. It needs dedication and hard work. Many of you dont start by seeing the competition.

There are n no of businesses out there but what will make you succeed is your product and services. So,

  • Choose your product wisely
  • try giving better service to your clients and make sure that you are the only option for your audience.


So lets get straight to the point and know about some of the BEST BUSINESS IDEAS WITH LOW INVESTMENTS.

Food stalls


Yes, one of the best business idea is to start a food stall chain. If you are a good cook then this could be a super idea if not you can also hire any good chef and go on with the idea as well.

There are a lot of food chains which are running successfully for ex McDonalds, Domino’s etc.

Once you have started a stall you also get an opportunity to start your Catering service business as well. If you start this business you can get to know that there is a huge profit margin in this business with a very least investment.


Wellness Center


People nowadays are very concerned about their health, So starting a wellness center like Gym, Yoga class can be a great idea to start as your business.

Starting a gym can cost you around 50000 to 100000 depending upon the location to which your gym is located.

Along with your wellness center, you can start selling protein supplements for bodybuilding. A personal trainer can earn a handsome amount of money if your gym has proper machines and space.


Online Reseller Store


Working online is considered to be the best and profitable business. Reselling is one of the best business which can be started without investing so much amount as well.

The only skill required is you should know how to operate internet that’s all and you are good to go.

Reselling refers to selling the product which is already being sold to some other online site, you just need to pick the product from one website to some other and its done. once you receive the order simply dispatch the product to your customers destination and you’ll get your commission credited to your account.




Few people provide jobs, few provides information about how to get jobs etc there are so many information which you can get through the experts in that particular field.

If you’re having some in depth information to which you can consult someone then consultancy business is best suited business out there.

If someone is having some amont of money which he wants to invest then wealth managers are there which acts as a consultant to them.

Similarly so many consultancy services are there which can be provided to people .



Business Process Outsourcing is fully an operational work and hence it has become a trend which is also helping people to generate a good income. If you have some space with which you need to invest a little amount of income then this can be a good source of income which you can generate.


BPO service is a need of all the MNCs out there so this can be the best business idea with low investment.




Car Pooling is one of the easiest way which can be converted into a business.

Many of the people now prefer to hire cabs rather than taking public transport due to pollution and hygiene issues. So if you are travelling daily to your office and you want to make some extra income while travelling, You can go for car pooling .

There are so many companies working in this idea of pooling so just search for the one in your city and register with them and start your income now.


Recruitment Services


Recruiting the best candidate for any company is the biggest task, There are few companies which help other companies to recruit the best candidate for the mentioned profile.

So this can also be one of the idea which can be converted into a great business idea.


Interior designer


You can start a business which helps people to design their homes offices etc with your skills of designing .

Everyone wants to decorate their offices and houses as per their needs and which looks good, so you can convert your skills into a small business by doing the same.

You can work as a freelance designer as well for many designer companies by simply providing your designs to them and get paid.



Here i am not talking about stock trading, its trading of goods.

If you want to start new business with small investment you can start goods trading by buying goods in bulk and then sell it in retail shops including your commission.

Home Services


A business that helps people in almost everything at there place.

Any service it could be – car wash , home cleaning, salon services.

Most of the people prefer to stay at home and get their work done at same place and hence this can be the good business idea.

You need to hire few people who are good at their field of activity and start this business with simple advertisement. Your good service quality will be helpful in getting more clients with the help of your existing clients.



So by now i hope you may have the idea about starting your lifelong business setup which will help you to become financially strong. Remember not to give up at any cost, time may come when you face losses but efforts will definitely pay you back.

Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

Do let me know if you have something better in mind in the comments below.

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Rishabh Shrivastava is a Banker by profession and a tech graduate with a couple of years in Banking and he also holds a good knowledge of investments.

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