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There has been a big change in the functioning of banking over time. Banking started from thick book accounts to computers, and now reached the pocket of customers through mobile phones.

Earlier, cash was required from small purchases to big purchases or transactions. To get this cash, one had to first lineup outside the bank and then go to the shop to buy goods. Amidst all this, people were also worried about the safety of cash. But ever since Internet banking and then mobile banking technology has been invented, people have got freedom from all the hassles in one stroke.



Mobile banking is more convenient than any other form of banking. Where online banking requires a computer and internet, mobile banking can be done very easily through a small phone. Also, there can be server problems in net banking, but mobile banking does not face any such problem.

With the help of mobile banking, many types of bills can be filled at home. With its help, standing in long queues can be avoided.

 Mobile banking is more affordable than other types of banking. Its fee is much less than other banking. The reason for this is that the customer does his/her banking with mobile without any assistance.

 The biggest feature of mobile banking is that banking can be done from anywhere at any time with the help of it. Even after the bank is closed, the customer can do the transaction of money with the help of his/her mobile banking.

Bank does not charge any extra fee for the facility of mobile banking provided by the bank, nor is there any limit to check your account.

The customer can open his bank account in mobile as many times as he wants. Many banking companies provide customers with the facility of credit/debit alert, checking account balance, making transactions, fund transfer facility, minimum balance alert, etc.

If the recipient and the sender are a customer of the same bank, then the money transfers very easily.

 Many banks have prepared their own separate applications for this. Under which the customer can remain connected to the main server of the bank, and no information of his bank account is saved in the mobile phone or SIM card.


Top 5 Mobile Banking Apps 

Axis bank app


Axis bank application is a reliable mobile banking platform. This application has more than 10 million active users. Like all banking applications, it also has the facility of recharge, payment, transfer or transactions, etc.

With the help of the Axis Bank mobile application, you can also create the QR code of Bhim UPI transfer. This application is considered to be the best for investing in mutual funds.

You can also convert your credit transaction to EMI. With the help of this app, you can transfer money to any bank account and you can also create a favorite list of your contacts so that you will be able to share money in one tap.


Kotak: 811 and mobile banking

Kotak Mahindra Bank’s app is offering customers the facility to open a Saving Account in 5 minutes through their mobile, on the other hand, it is also providing the highest interest as compared to other banks by opening a low document and a convenient Saving Account.

Kotak Mahindra Bank application provides its customers with almost all the necessary facilities like online money transfer, IMPS, RTGS, NEFT for free. You can also do online shopping or offline shopping by using a debit card via the app.

Key Features of Kotak 811

  • Kotak Bank offers its customers up to 6 percent interest on Saving Account.
  • Any customer in Kotak Mahindra Bank app can open a saving account with zero balance.
  • The bank can also open a virtual debit card provided by the bank, which can be used by customers for online payment, shopping, etc.
  • If the customer needs a physical debit card, he can also apply for it.
  • In Kotak Mahindra Bank 811 app you can also get the facilities of Net Banking, Mobile Banking, NEFT, RTGS, etc.

iMobile by ICICI bank


ICICI Bank has launched a new mobile banking app iMobile for digital banking. In this app, many features have been given. The app includes a robotics-based investment advisor ‘Money Coach’. In this, you will be able to complete your KYC for investment in mutual funds in a paperless manner in just 1 click.

The app can be downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store. If you already have an app, you can update your app. In this app, you will also be able to see the details of your expenses.

Apart from this, with the 3D Touch feature, you will be able to pay bills and transfer funds by scanning QR code. The interesting thing is that in the new app, customers will be able to order food, hotel booking, online shopping, bill payment.

For your convenience, you must know that customers will not even need an app login to check their balance. Customers will be able to see the balance and credit card amount of the same login. Not only this, if you have to transfer a certain amount to someone every month, then you can put it in a favorite transaction.


HDFC mobile banking


You can download this application of HDFC Bank from Play Store and App Store. If you are an active user of HDFC Bank, then you should definitely download this app, because now many of your tasks are going to be easy.

Any kind of money transfer and transaction will now be just some taps away. This app is equipped with high-security features. In addition, users will get many latest features in this mobile app and they will be able to transfer money easily. This app of HDFC has more than 10 million users and its rating is also 4 Plus.

In this app, along with any UPI payment, you can also access recharge, bill payment, etc. Now you will not have to worry even to check the current statement of the bank. In this app, you will also get the option to invest money in the right place.

You can apply for a credit card, users can transfer money from this mobile app and apply for credit card. Usually, it is difficult to apply for credit cards through a mobile app, and for this, you have to travel to the bank, but now you will be able to do this with the help of this app. Apart from this, this app will give you all the information related to your fixed deposit and passbook.


The IndusInd app is a reliable app with the help of which you can open your current account from mobile in some simple steps. With this, customers can now open an account with the bank quickly and seamlessly, without the hassle of arranging physical KYC documents on their own or their firm.

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  • Online bank account balance check.
  • Transfer real-time money from your IndusInd bank account.
  • Unlimited fund transfer to any bank account in India Free.
  • Pay the credit card bill of any bank in India. 
  • Mobile or DTH recharge and electricity, gas, water Pay bills for broadband internet, and landline telephones, pay Mediclaim insurance premiums
  • View Transaction Statement
  • Bhim UPI Services.

With the help of this app, you can easily transact money in just a few steps. The interface of this app is also user friendly which you can easily understand. The time for standing in the line outside the bank is over now and only with the help of this app, you can make any type of recharge or bill payment.

 With the help of the IndusInd app, you can also transfer e-check in your social contact. To open this app, you do not even need to remember the PIN code, you can open this app only with a swipe. With the help of this app, you can also withdraw money from an ATM without a card.

Things to keep in mind while using Mobile banking


Avoid using public Wi-Fi and Bluetooth:

If you are using mobile banking, then keep in mind that do not use public Wi-Fi and mobile Bluetooth by mistake as well, because using them can easily cause viruses on your mobile. Due to the arrival of the virus, the data saved in the phone can be damaged. To avoid the threat of viruses during the use of mobile networks, keep periodically updating the anti-virus fireball and safety software of the phone.

Delete the browsing history:

If you use the Internet to use mobile banking, then keep in mind that after the use, delete the browsing history. So that if your phone is lost or hacked, no one can use the save data in your phone incorrectly.

Create a strong password:

If you use mobile banking, always keep your phone with auto-lock. Also, always make the password you use in your phone strong. Try not to make the password based on your date of birth, your name or number, because it is very easy to hack such passwords.

Browsing on a trusted site:

Never use any site you don’t trust or don’t know because sometimes such sites become nasty. Be aware of sites that offer the option to search and download something. Using such a website means inviting viruses.


Points to be noted

It is clear that while the technology of mobile banking has revolutionized the banking system and the access to the bank accounts of the people But your bank accounts can get damaged also when we become careless about its security.

Although all banks are trying to make mobile banking safe and impregnable at their level, if we take even a little care, this gift of the digital revolution will prove to be a boon for our everyday life.


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