10 WAYS HOW TO MAKE PASSIVE INCOME? Passive income refers to the money which requires a very less effort to get earned, the money which is earned with no efforts is the money which comes from your invested money.

Before telling you the 10 ways how to make passive income I would like to advise you not to get into any wrong practice that helps you to earn instantly, be aware of the online scams which promise you to make money using data entry, most of them are fake.

Earning money requires patience, dedication and a lot of hard work.

Lets get started with the ways how you will be able to make passive income.

Earn From Youtube

  • If you have any skill which can help others like Music, Movie Reviews, Tech information etc just by sharing your views in the form of video can help you to make money.
  • There are a lot of YouTube’rs who are making money using this medium and if you think that you have a similar potential you should give it a try.
  • The keys will be to make convincing recordings, to advance those recordings via web-based networking media sites, and to make enough of them that your salary will be originating from different sources.



Many of the companies or and individuals are dependent on freelancers to get their job done this saves a lot more time for them to plan for many more things , so freelancing is also one good option to earn with your skills.

Similar to YouTube, If you’re good at something like content writing, Coding, or anything you may get paid to complete a task or say you get paid to complete any task. One of the best ways out of 10 ways how to make passive income.

There are many freelance websites available like : Freelancer, Up-work, Fiver etc simply register to any of these websites and make a good bio for yourself which mentions your skills and you can start making good amount of money but as i earlier said patience is must.

Sell Online Through E-Commerce


If you have any retail business and wants to expand your work to different other areas as well go for E commerce websites like ebay, amazon, flipkart etc.

There are many more e-commerce stores available in which you can list your product and if you are a manufacturer then definitely this is going to be the best way for you.

Affiliate Marketing

This is a partnership program in which you partner with the companies to promote and generate sale of their products . Promote your favorite products on your website and social media to make decent money.

It is considered to be passive because you only need to share their affiliate link to your website or any other way.

One of the best example of affiliate marketing is Amazon affiliate program.

Earn By Renting A Property

The easiest way of all in making passive money is by renting out a spare property you have and earn from that by collecting a rent.

You can list your space on any number of websites, such as OYO, MMT, and set the rental terms yourself. You’ll collect a check for your efforts with minimal extra work, especially if you’re renting to a longer-term tenant.

Invest in Dividend Stocks

Stock market trading is a bit risky in terms of making money because you need to have a proper knowledge of stock trading which includes selecting a good stock, price at which it should be bought, Stop loss strategy many more.

Rather than going for direct trading, one should prefer to select dividend stocks as it generates regular income after investment and you can choose the term of payout.

Sell photos online

If you’re a good photographer again you have an option to show off your skill and earn from that. This is one of the best 10 ways to make passive income.

There are so many platforms available online in which you can upload your clicked pictures and start a good income from that.

Stock photos selling is a good trend in today’s time, according to me if you have a photography skill you should definitely go for Selling photos online and make passive income through it.

Create a Course On UDEMY

Udemy is an online stage that lets its learners take video seminars on wide subjects. Rather than being a learner on Udemy you can rather be a tutor, make your own video course, and sell it. This is great that you are exceptionally educated in a particular topic. This can likewise be an incredible method to transform conventional coaching into an easy revenue stream.

Make your course one time and sell it life time, what could be the better way in 10 ways to make passive income.

Invest In Any Start-Up

Investing in any start up is again a good idea to earn passive income. It requires a little amount of capital which you are going to invest.

After selecting where you want to invest and little amount of patience can make you earn good wealth.

Else the best way is make a plan look for the opportunities in the market and start your own business.

Rent A Car

Last but not the least, renting a car is one other option similar to rent a property.

If you have a car and dont use it much go for renting it to different cab agencies like Ola, Uber etc.

The best part of renting a car is that whenever you’re not using it list it and when it is required you can use it as well. Depending upon the car type, condition and location you can make a decent amount of monthly income.

I hope by now you have an idea about using any of these idea how you are going to generate passive income.

Always remember money can not be earned easily it requires a lot of efforts hard work and dedication to make money.

The best part is you have a lot of options to make money just have a proper knowledge of it start and work harder to achieve your goal i assure you that you will get success not immediately but definitely.

About the Cashnomic author

Rishabh Shrivastava is a Banker by profession and a tech graduate with a couple of years in Banking and he also holds a good knowledge of investments.

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